23 October 2016

Post 30-day Art Challenge Post

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Apart from the fun of painting again, the art challenge was a worthwhile experience!  I didn't get to finish all 30 (and I'm now just finishing numbers 20 and 21), but it was worth the pressure, time, investment and hard work.

The art challenge was a liberating experience for me.  Posting my artwork and sharing it was and is still somewhat daunting for me.  I still feel like I'm putting a piece of myself out there, and feel as though I have to dodge unkind comments.  Thankfully, my friends are kind, and though not all reviews are excellent, all have shared constructive feedback.

I also learned to appreciate the process of making art, and finding the aesthetic I'm comfortable with.  The first few days were just me experimenting with my materials, but not really feeling satisfied with the output.  With the help of tape and short strokes, I was led to painting lines and flowers - something I think I will enjoy doing for a very long time!  Hadn't I decided to put my brush to the canvas to just give this a shot, I would have never realized that this is what I would love painting.

It was such a blessing that friends emerged to join me in the 30-day art challenge!  None of us finished the 30 pieces of artwork, but the few days we made art, and shared it with each other, was the added boost and inspiration I needed to make more art.  I am so very blessed and thankful to all of them!  Thanks to you guys!  You know who you are!  It was fun and I'd do it again with you guys!  I hope to have that art exhibit with all of you in the future!

I also would have never realized that there are many out there who also struggle with the same fears I have.  Many have shared the same sentiments and some messaged me privately, or posted the art that they have tried to make.  I listened to artist podcasts and TED talks, and found relief in knowing that even the most successful artists struggle with creating art sometimes.  One of the best TED talks that still resonates with me is Phil Hansen's on "embracing the shake."  (Watch the full talk in the youtube link below). Instagram posts were also encouraging, especially the #doitfortheprocess posts.  It's both a hashtag and a very forgiving call to action.

Pablo Picasso is quoted saying, "Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."  I hope this post inspires you to put your brush to the canvas, or pencil to the paper or use whatever media you are comfortable with to make art.  I believe everyone is an artist.  In adulthood, it's just so hard to believe this as the magic of making art is lost in what we think the world will say.  It really takes a lot of courage and faith.  I hope this moves you to face your fears, have fun and let the child in you make art again! 

Source: IZquotes.com
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