23 October 2016

DIY Dollhouse

My husband has to be commended for building this spiffy dollhouse made out of the scrap wood that was just lying around.  The painting and finishing was done by our trusty carpenter.  My eldest and I couldn't wait to put wallpaper on it so we picked out the prints way before it was done.  This is a before and after shot:
Looks a lot better than the dreary plain old white house.

I promised myself I wouldn't buy little furniture for this new project.  We have a multi-colored wooden dollhouse with furniture but I had Scandinavian dreams for this one, so I didn't want to touch that other set.  I was super inspired by this blog post Modern DIY Dollhouse Furniture by Landsdowne Life that DIY furniture was the way to go.  So my daughter and I started collecting knick knacks/lose parts.  My obsession was waiting for the dental floss and hair conditioner to run out because I needed them for the dollhouse.  This was the first batch of furniture (pre-floss and conditioner cap):

I say not bad for starters.  Looking good for a few pieces here and there.
So the first batch of furniture was a hit!  My three kids were engrossed in play, and it was a joy to watch since I made the interiors myself and I didn't spend anything on the cutesy modern furniture!  Here are the recent photos.  Notice the Hermes artwork in the bathroom wall!  That's from a Hermes catalog family gave to me from a trip to Japan!

For a closer look at the little parts that make the interiors:

iPhone box bed.  Vietnamese pouch for the matress.  Silver perfume cover for the nightstand.  Acrylic cover from a little container.

The piece de resistance: the water closet!!!  Dental floss and hair conditioner cover!  I love it to bits!  Do you spot the other features?!  The mirror was extracted from a pink Barbie mirror for kids!

I can't wait to see what you can come up with!  Please shoot me a message so I can see your modern DIY dollhouse furniture!

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