19 April 2013

Homemade Bag Tags

These homemade bag tags are super easy and fun to make!  I kinda got carried away with this project!   What was supposedly just a couple of foam bag tags became a fun experiment on trying to make bag tags with different kinds of media.  I tried regular foam sheets then board paper then corrugated paper then glitter foam and washi-embellished each one (except for the one made with glitter foam which was nice just as it was) .  It's the washi tape that got me going.  ( Side story: My hubby got me 24 pieces of washi tape on a trip to Tokyo.  I think it was his way of making me feel better for being unable to make the trip!  Hahaha!  Love every one of them and love him for his usual thoughtfulness!). 

After the first washi-embellished foam bag tag, I made another and another to see what each one would look like!  I'm not quite sure if I'm done yet!

Parents, you can do this as a fun summer activity with your children!  For your younger kids, you may prepare the bag tag beforehand and they can decorate/embellish it with foam cutouts (stuck with double-sided tape) or washi tape.  These bag tags may be done in preparation for school opening!  Your children will surely be proud of their own homemade bag tags!

Here's one I made with my four year old.  I prepared the board paper bag tag and she embellished it with washi tape.  I love the random design!

Each bag tag is 3"x 5" and can fit a calling-card-sized ID card.  If you wish to make one, here's what you need:

1. foam/board paper/corrugated paper
2. washi tape (optional but fun to use!  Get creative and use other embellishments like foam stickers, paper cut-outs or stickers of your favorite characters).
3. double-sided tape (you may use glue if you're using board paper)
4. OHP or transparency film (or you may forego this altogether.  I just used this as a protective cover for the ID card.) - cut to the size of a calling card which is 3.5"x 2"
5. Scotch/transparent tape - to tape the OHP or transparency film on the underside of the window.
6. post screws ( optional because you can permanently adhere the handle with double-sided tape.  Using post screws is the better option though as it will be more durable than the double-sided tape and you may unscrew it to slide the ID card out.)
Post screws.  I got these in National Bookstore.  They were the smallest ones available.

First, click on the template below and save it for printing.  Check if the dimensions of the printout are correct ( This is a 3"x5" bag tag). Cut out the template and trace unto a foam sheet, board or corrugated paper.
And this is what it would look like:

Cut around the lines, rounding the edges so they're cuter.  Washi-embellish at this point if you want to have extra loads of fun!

Tape the 3.5"x 2" OHP/transparency film on the underside of the window then put double-sided tape also on the underside, making sure there's at least half a centimeter of space from the window edges or your ID card will not slide in from the top of the card.
Look at my crooked double-sided tape.  Tsk. Tsk.  Martha Stewart will sack me.

Adhere the front side and back side of the tag and punch or poke a hole midway above the window of the tag.  This is where you'll insert the post screw.

Punch or poke a hole through the ends of the tag handle and insert the post screw through the holes of the tag handle and the tag.  Notice that I also washi-embellished the post screw!  Fun!
Attach the post screw and you've got yourself your own homemade/handmade bag tag!  Do a celebratory dance!

Here's what the yellow foam bag tag looks like on luggage.  Hey, not bad!

As I mentioned above, if you're having difficulty finding post screws, you may cut a slit through the tag (midway above tag window) where the handle can be inserted and secure the ends of the handle with double-sided tape.  The difference is that the handle is permanently adhered and you would have to cut it apart to remove or change the ID card.  It would look something like this:

 Below are all the tags I made!  Fun!


Pauline said...

cute! love the pink stripey ones!

Paperminties said...

We should do this during one crafternoon, combining your washi powers with mine, haha! I'd like to see how we'd achieve making bag tags for boys! = )

Pia said...

perfect timing! hehehe I am just thinking of making the kiddos bag tags :) will try this! :) love your posts!

Paperminties said...

Thanks, P! Glad to know this post might help! Miss ya!