02 April 2013

An Upcycled T-shirt

My daughter got a nice pair of floral jeans from grandma lately and I wanted her to wear them right away. 

But when I was trying to find a shirt that matched these cute floral pants, only an old fuchsia shirt with this tiny discoloration was the best choice...and the tiny discoloration, though tiny, was right smack in the middle of it. 

Tiny but annoying discoloration.

What to do?!  Upcycle!

I had some felt fabric on-hand so I decided to make a flower cut-out out of the felt to sew it on, right where the discoloration was.

First, I had my daughter put on the shirt, got my sewing chalk and marked the center of the shirt  (that's when I realized the discoloration was slightly off-center. It pays to check and re-check!).

Then I snipped a 2”x 2” square out of purple felt fabric.  From the square, I drew a flower with a pen and cut it up.  I drew a circle onto the fuchsia felt fabric and stuck it onto the center of the purple flower cut-out. 

With my beginner skillz, I stitched up the circumference of the fuchsia circle to sew the whole flower onto the shirt.  Then I secured the tips of each purple petal with a knot. 

Here's a close-up of the stitching and knot on each petal:
 And this is what it looks like on the underside:
A bit sloppy but I'm glad it can't be seen when she's wearing it.

So tada, old fuchsia shirt looks brand new again! 

What about you - what would you do to upcycle a shirt? = )


S.MOON said...

Where do you find your felt cloth? Have been keeping an eye out for ages! Do you think those iron on glue patches will work too? I can't sew to save my life. Loved reading the last few posts - and wishing for some crafty talent too!

Paperminties said...

Thank you so much for dropping by to read the recent posts! So happy to receive feedback from you! I got my felt fabric from Divisoria. There’s this store on Tabora Street called Welmanson (not “mansion,” as I only recently realized) that sells all kinds of buttons, beads, sequins, little bells, feathers and felt fabric among a mutitude of things. It’s great as felt is sold for only Php75 per yard there. I also found some 8.5”x11” felt fabric in Makati Supermarket before so you can try looking there, too. They were of a thinner variety but good enough for little projects. I haven’t tried iron-on glue patches but I guess they’ll work. Just not sure how they’ll survive in the wash. Might be worth trying them out to check! Hope that helps! = )