23 April 2013

Table Napkins as Gift Wrappers

Through the years, I have accumulated these cute table napkins - three of which I bought, the rest are treats from family from their trips abroad. That's how much a sucker I am for paper!   I saved them for the purpose of using them as gift wrappers.  

The yellow flowery one (top left) is a supermarket find.
Second and fifth table napkins (from Left) are from the US.  Small, red polka dots is a purchase from 8 years ago!

The bottom three (from L to R) are from Ikea, Crate and Barrel and Hallmark.

So, yes, when I see cute table napkins, I don't think "Party!"  I think "Hey, gift wrap potential!"

I gathered these six itty bitty items to showcase the potential of these pretty table napkins. 

With just an added touch of a pretty ribbon, table napkins make for pretty gift wrappers, don't you think? 

And maybe next time, when you see the humble table napkins at the supermarket, you would give them a better chance at life and use them as pretty gift wrap for a special someone's gift! = )

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