26 April 2013

Tokyu Hands and other Tokyo Craft Finds

The family recently went on a trip to Tokyo but my doc ordered that I continue my bed rest so I was unable to go.

Before the official bed rest request of my doc, I was dreaming of visiting Japanese craft stores.  I had heard of stories of endless floors of craft supplies from friends who have visited Tokyo and pictured rows and rows of pens, washi tape, super glue and paper.  I remembered watching David Celdran's show "Executive Class" years ago and could not forget his visit to this store filled with exquisite papers.  I researched online and found a blog that featured Ito-ya and Tokyu Hands (sorry, I can't seem to find that Tokyu Hands blog post)...and drooled.  Hahaha!  But as fate would have it, it wasn't my time to go craft-crazy in Japan yet.

So my dear hubby and little girl went with the rest of the family.  The super news is that the whole family enjoyed, had family bonding and had loads of stories to tell!

To cheer me up, they had a whole bunch of craft presents as treats for me!  It was as though I visited the craft stores myself!  Even better (in a way), since I didn't have to rack my brains figuring out which ones to get and which to leave behind plus I'm really thrifty (as those who know me would attest) and can resist the urge to splurge ( even with my favorite things) so I would not have gone home with these many, little treasures if I shopped for myself.

Here are the items the family brought home for me ( Thank you!  Thank you!  Most are from dear hubby.  He even saved the Tokyu Hands paper bag in case I wanted to blog/write about it. Really thoughtful of him.  Plus, he only bought one item for himself during this whole trip. :')  Touching but guilt-inducing at the same time). I have to admit I haven't brought myself to opening most of the items yet.  I'm still savoring the crispness of each one in their little packaging (Yes, nerd alert!).  

Most of these are from Tokyu Hands located in the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo (except for some items which I will indicate below).  

Frixion Ball Knock by Pilot Pen Corp. These pens are erasable.  The ink erases easily from the paper.  Really cool.  I had one of these in black but never saw the whole set available here.

Frixion Colors by Pilot Pen Corp. These are erasable markers.  Love all 12 colors.

Tombow Dual Tip Polymacoat markers.  Broad tip works like a highlighter.  Fine tip works like a tech/sign pen.

Post-it Ice Cream Notes (L) and Sakura stickers (R).

Small note cards with envelopes and stickers <3

Little note paper that can be used as gift tags.  Really cute as flowers pop-up when they are rolled or folded.

Origami Paper

Origami Paper with cute mushroom print.

Origami Paper with gold splattering.

Origami Paper in navy blue and gold.

Cutesy, mini notebook.

Washi Tape <3 <3 <3
Tombow Dual Tip Glue.  This is my favorite glue.  Acid-free, super adhesive and dries fast.  It doesn't make the paper buckle because with just a tiny amount, paper glues on right away.  The two on the left were the purchases from Tokyu Hands.  On right, are the ones I currently use.
And the star of the show is this staple-less stapler!  I discovered this through a friend and was amused and amazed at its ingenuity!  Here are some photos to illustrate its genius.

Staples a maximum of eight (8) papers at a time without the staple wire.

It punches a hole through the papers...

...and inserts the punched paper through the slit at the top to hold the paper together!  Such genius!


Here are the photos of the Tokyu Hands floor guide (for more on the floor guide, you may check out this link) and the store bags. 

Here are the items which dear hubby found before visiting Tokyu Hands.  He can't remember the name of this particular store anymore. 

Circle Napkin Set - I know I should've included this in my "Table Napkins as Gift Wrappers" post but I hadn't opened them yet so I thought otherwise.  Heehee!

The label reads "Code Belt" but I think they really meant to put "Cord belt."  Haha!  These are for those lengthy electrical cords lying around the house.

Decor Sticker Tape from the Disney Store.

That's it!  So if Tokyo is your next travel destination and you are a craft-fanatic like me, I hope this gives you a glimpse of what crafts supplies to find during your visit.  I am pretty sure there are many, many more craft treasure troves all around the city.  Happy Tokyo craft-hunting!


Anonymous said...

thanks for share..

Paperminties said...

You're very welcome. I hope it helps! = )

stefano paolo Bunag said...

Nice sweety! The name of the store has the word three in it or something like 3 for 300.

Paperminties said...

Thank you!!! = )