28 February 2014

Halloween in August

Halloween came early for paperminties last year as we celebrated Alana's birthday in August.  Little Alana L-O-V-E-S all things Halloween and since I am all for unique parties, this party was a treat to plan with Alana's mum! ( Special thanks to Rej for the referral!)

From the party invites, down to the full party package with cut-paper art for the centerpiece sticks and wall decor, paperminties got a fair slice of the cake and boy, was it fun!

Additional story bit: Alana's mum intended to surprise Little Alana with this Halloween-themed party.  It was super gratifying to see Alana smiling from ear to ear when she saw the decorations! 

A shout-out to Alana and family for entrusting this project to us! 

Another shout-out to the Periwinkle and Lace team who did the dessert table!  We enjoyed working with you and admire your work.  Great job!

Here are the Halloween in August party paperminties.

Birthday invite.

Birthday invite.

Table centerpiece sticks.

Pumpkin Wall Decor.

Green Spider Wall Decor.

Black Cat Wall Decor.

Witch's Hat Wall decor.

Large Wall Decor

The Manila Polo Club banquet and events staff did a great job coordinating the table covers with the party theme!  We are grateful!

Thank you, Polo Club, for nice, purple table covers!

Wall decor behind buffet table.

Spot the black, velvet-y table cover!

Large wall decor.  

Hope we got a better shot of the dessert table by Periwinkle and Lace!  They did an exquisite job bringing in the Halloween vibe! 

Backlog Posts Teaser!!!

Just like that, six months passed.  Life happened, literally, as we welcomed Baby #2 in August (plus I went back to teaching at a new school).

The blog took a backseat and party paperminties posts were shelved.

With the recent party paperminties inquiries, the nagging urge to post the paperminties-decorated parties surfaced.

Please watch out for the delayed posts as we will post them soon!

Teaser photos of what's in store.

Halloween in August.

Shabby Chic Tea Party.

Poopoo Party (yep, you read that right!).