05 May 2011

Easter Craft Fun

We had so much fun during a family crafternoon session the day before Easter.  We had  many craft projects lined up, too bad there was so little time to do all.  

Just some of the activities we thought up in preparation for the Easter breakfast celebration:
1. Rabbit masks for the kids made out of foam sheets
2. Egg decorating
3. Mini paper baskets
4. Brown paper baskets

Before we knew it, the sun was setting and I only took a night shot of the dining room centerpiece.  Hope you enjoy them nevertheless.  

Rabbit masks made out of foam sheets. Copied this from an art project done in school!

 I stuck double-sided tape on the back side.  It works better than glue.
 I used a hole puncher to make tiny holes to put the garter in place.

Brown paper bag baskets.  Got this idea from the Martha Stewart website.  Check out Paper Basket Bouquet.  Martha's basket looks better of course!

Decorated the basket with foam stickers.

The other paper baskets were made out of pastel board paper. 

My pink and purple paper basket. (Behind it are the eggs waiting to be dyed!)

My mother-in-law studied the stencil and made a larger version of the paper basket.  Below is a photo of her creation.  Really cute.

I made out a stencil for efficiency.  Stencil for the mini paper baskets.

Voila!  The nightshot of the stuffed bunny centerpiece purchased by my mother-in-law surrounded by our little arts and crafts projects...I love the yellow paper basket my sister-in-law made.  Too bad this is my only photo of it...The table runner is made out of yellow-green felt paper.  My sister-in-law scattered foam stickers on the felt paper to make the effect of strewn flowers and insects on grass.  Lovely.

01 May 2011

Doodles Made into a Birthday Card

My two year old was busy one morning cutting and doodling circles that looked like gorgeous roses with different shades of yellow and red.  I thought I'd cut and paste them to make a card for my sister-in-law whose birthday was just around the corner.

I love that we made the card out of recycled paper.  My daughter doodled on a scratch paper that came from Daddy's office and the leaves and stems were from a piece of green paper I got from an old calendar.

The flowers were done with the Crayola Paint Markers, a treat from my brother-in-law who arrived from a US trip years ago.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had not dried up.  The tips of the paint markers are made out like a paintbrush so the doodles come out  like brush strokes!