01 May 2011

Doodles Made into a Birthday Card

My two year old was busy one morning cutting and doodling circles that looked like gorgeous roses with different shades of yellow and red.  I thought I'd cut and paste them to make a card for my sister-in-law whose birthday was just around the corner.

I love that we made the card out of recycled paper.  My daughter doodled on a scratch paper that came from Daddy's office and the leaves and stems were from a piece of green paper I got from an old calendar.

The flowers were done with the Crayola Paint Markers, a treat from my brother-in-law who arrived from a US trip years ago.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had not dried up.  The tips of the paint markers are made out like a paintbrush so the doodles come out  like brush strokes!



Anonymous said...

cool! mother-daughter tandem! :-)

-Kaye :-)

Paperminties said...

Thank you, Kaye! : )

Anonymous said...

so nice! :) we know where she gets it! :)