31 May 2016

30 Day Art Challenge, June 2016

This is it. Here we go. Time to be brave and take the 30 day art challenge. 

I just read something that goes – Pablo Picasso always wanted to return to the uninhibited and innocent expression of the child artist (Curtis Tappenden). I admire how children can freely express themselves through art, undeterred by how their work will be judged. 

Months ago, our first graders had their Art and Artists unit. I watched in admiration as they freely, happily and bravely created art. From the get go, almost every one of them considered themselves artists. They were not afraid of making mistakes, and just dove into the creative process. No over-thinking, no inhibitions. 

It was a glaring contrast to what I feel about creating art.

Just the thought of creating art and showing it felt daunting, frightening, overwhelming. 

This might explain it - Johns Hopkins’ Dr. Charles Limb’s preliminary study on the creative mind showed that the lateral prefrontal cortex of our brain, the one responsible for self-monitoring, self-reflection, introspection and working memory, decreases in activity when one allows the creative, communicative, expressive areas of the brain to function. The creative mind begins to emerge – letting go of inhibition, the fear of making mistakes and welcomes generative impulses. 

It is my hope that the pressure of posting an artwork a day for 30 days will liberate me from my overactive lateral prefrontal cortex. 

One of the things on my bucket list is to have an art exhibit one day. I do not know if this will eventually lead to that. For now, social media is my art gallery. 

I am happy that my hubby Paolo, and friends Selena and Maggie are going on this 30 day art challenge with me! 

Join us? Post an artwork a day, for all 30 days in June – a painting, a sculpture, any artwork! Tag me!‪#‎paperminties‬ ‪#‎30dayartchallenge‬ ‪#‎30dayartchallengePhilippines‬

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