31 July 2013

Two Parties, One Day, One Venue!

Transportation Party, July 14.  Afternoon party at Shakey's.
Noah's Ark Party, July 14.  Lunch Party at Shakey's.
It's been a while since I last posted.  Paperminties has been busy this month and we are so grateful!  Yay!  For starters, we were booked to do party paperminties with a transportation theme for July 14...then came a last minute booking for a Noah's Ark party also on the same date! Despite the last minute advice, I couldn't resist doing the Noah's Ark party theme since it was so exciting to do!  The surprise was that it was going to be in the same venue.  One party during lunch and the other, an after-lunch party.  What blessings for paperminties!

The transportation party was booked months before the event.  Jose was turning one and his parents sought paperminties' help to do the party decor.  Both Daddy and Mommy were so hands-on with the party planning and conceptualization.  They chose this party theme since Jose loves all kinds of vehicles.  The party decor centered on the transportation giveaways they handpicked (they had to be food-grade plastic by the way!) and the color scheme/theme was just red, blue, yellow and green.  The only party decor out of the color scheme were the centerpiece sticks in yellow and black (by paperminties), and the orange traffic cones that both Mommy and Daddy worked on.  The orange cones were so seamlessly done that they fooled many into thinking that they were the real deal.  I really wish I could take the credit for making them!  LOL!

Below are some pre-party photos and photos of the party itself.

Transportation giveaways as party decor pegs and Mommy's washi tape.

The giveaways dictated the color theme -  red, yellow, blue and green.
Transportation Party Large Wall Decor by paperminties, situated atop the Dessert Buffet.
Table confetti by paperminties.

Table Centerpiece sticks by paperminties.

Party paperminty car used as giveaway bag decor.

Transportation Party Large Wall Decor - situated atop the buffet area.

Days before the Transportation party, another friend of mine messaged me and asked for help to decorate her baby's Baptismal Reception scheduled on the same date, July 14.  I hesitated at first due to time constraints but when I found out that the theme was Noah's Ark, I just couldn't resist!  Just visualizing the ark and cutesy animals excited me!  After agreeing to do the decor, I was surprised to find out that the Noah's Ark party was going to be held in the same venue - Shakey's, Sucat!  What are the chances?!?!  It further confirmed my decision to go for it! 

Here are the photos.

Noah's Ark party Large Wall Decor by paperminties.

Close-up.  Noah's Ark party Large Wall Decor by paperminties.
Table Centerpiece Sticks by paperminties.

Noah's Ark party table centerpiece sticks by paperminties.

Noah's Ark party table centerpiece sticks by paperminties.

Noah's Ark party table centerpiece sticks by paperminties.

Noah's Ark party table centerpiece sticks by paperminties.
So these were paperminties' July parties!  Will be posting another exciting July paperminties project on this blog soon.  Please watch out for it!

And please check out paperminties facebook page for more party photos!  Book us for your next party/event!

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