03 July 2013

party paperminties was on tata&anna's blog!

Last week, party paperminties was mentioned for the very first time on another blog and it was on tata&anna!  

Tata&anna's blog post was all about parties and celebrations.  It was a walk down memory lane seeing the beginnings of party paperminties - "The Cat in the Hat" hats as table decor and Under the Sea large wall art which I worked on years ago, not thinking yet then that it could be possible additions to the paperminties line...And seeing how it has somewhat evolved to what it is now with the "Snakes" and "Light Blue and Lavender" parties.

It made me so happy to have party paperminties featured, much more so because it was on THEIR blog!
The lovely ladies behind the blog tata & anna.  Anna (L) and Tata (R).

The two lovely ladies behind the blog tata & anna are no less than Tata Mapa and Anna Chan.  Tata Mapa is a freelance writer, book editor and was the former editor-in-chief of Martha Stewart Weddings Philippines.  Anna Chan was contributing stylist to Martha Stewart Weddings Philippines and still is for Smart Parenting magazine ( check out her article on labeling school materials which came out in the June 2013 issue of the magazine.  You may also have a look at it on their FB page - tata & anna ).
One of the Martha Stewart Weddings Philippines covers they worked on together.  Every MSW Philippines cover was so unique and gorgeous.  Martha Stewart herself approved every one of them. 

Anna's article on labeling which came out in Smart Parenting magazine, June 2013.  Visit tata & anna on FB to see the complete article.

On a side note, both Tata and Anna met Martha Stewart herself during their stint with Martha Stewart Weddings Philippines.  I mean how many people can say they were able to work on a Martha Stewart project, or that they set foot and walked through the Martha Stewart studios in New York, or met and chatted with Martha Stewart herself, right?!?
Tata with Martha.  NY, 2009.
Anna with Martha.  NY, 2012.
Such credentials to boast of and to think I've only scratched the surface!  So yes, it humbles me to have party paperminties mentioned in their blog!

Since I started following their blog, I realized how much they deserve this platform to share their insights, creativity and inspiration with the rest of the world.  In one of their blog posts entitled "Work in Progress," Anna sums up how their blog has now become the "magazine" where they are able to share their life experiences.  I so agree. 

So, wow, party paperminties was featured...and featured in a blog that matters!  Pinch me now.

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