20 May 2013

My First Handmade Stamps

I'm so happy!!!  I made my first homemade, handmade stamps!!!

The story behind these handmade stamps...

Last week, I made these notecards...

Pretty.  But I was already dreaming of having my own stamps made so I could use them on note cards and really call them my own.

Then I remembered that our friend Carla had mentioned that she made her own stamps.  Making my own stamps never occurred to me before. Out of curiosity, I researched online.  Thanks to pinterest and google, I found this blog post and this blog post.  The stamp-making video and eraser stamp tutorial were really helpful.  Both posts seemed easy to follow.  I got so excited and when I got the chance to go to the bookstore, I got myself the essential tools.

Today, I finally got to play with my new toys!  This is my first stamp:
A peppermint!  Peppermints are on my paperminties banners, if you hadn't noticed! ; )
 ...and it looked like this on paper.

My daughter watched me make my first stamp and she enjoyed trying it out as well.

Then, I got really excited and ended up making more.

They were really easy to make and quite addicting!  I'm glad I bought many erasers so I could make more.  I am seriously hooked.

I was not satisfied with the colors of the store-bought stamp pads so I followed the instructions on this post to make my own. 
Homemade Ink Pads

Now, I can make note cards with designs that really have my stamp on them.  Pun intended.

I will definitely post to show photos of the note cards when I've finally made some out of these handmade, homemade stamps! 


Jean Martin said...

Hi Aj! I'm Jean, Bea's batchmate from SE12. I saw her post on FB about your crafty love. There's a store in Greenhills that has a HUGE supply of craft goodies. Email me if you're interested. I'll give you the instructions on how to get there. Here's my blog if you want to visit...my email addy is there too

Paperminties said...

Thank you so much, Jean! Yes, please send me the directions to Lasting Impressions! A couple of my friends would also like to visit. Will check out your blog as well! = ) Thanks again! = )

Pauline said...

i cant believe you made ballet shoes "for starters"! I would have made a smiley face. LOL. Can you make Nico an elephant? hahahahaha!

Paperminties said...

Sure!!! Would love to! I'm running out of cute ideas so I'll make Nico one. I made bANAns' Thomas a gecko! Must deliver soon! ; )

S.MOON said...

AJ, this is amazing! I've been checking in but it must have been a long time since, and I'm so glad to see some new posts and these are just amazing. Can I get your services for my Ladybug Girl's birthday party?! I wish I had half of your creativity!


Paperminties said...

Diycorporatemom! Thank you for stopping by! I've been meaning to check in on your blog posts as well. I learn so much from you. Thanks for "liking" my FB biz page! Re Ladybug Girl's party, will be super glad to collaborate with you on it! Will pm you on FB for details! =D